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Measuring, controlling and regulating are the tasks undertaken by the PJ40, PJ42, PJ43 and PJ44 automation systems.

Input and output modules are available for all relevant sensors and actuators used in connection with these systems. In particular, the requirements of the Chemical-, Synthetic Fibres-, Glass finishing and Food industry were taken into account during development.

The stability and resilience of these systems, when subjected to long-term use under the most extreme conditions, are now legendary.

Constant system maintenance and service over 3 decades confirm this.

PJ 40

PJ 40

PJ 40 - is applied in all areas where a large number of complex tasks has to be performed by a computer and/or where there is a need for increased communication. Due to the modular structure and the multiprocessor system, it can be easily adjusted to the process. 16 ports are available for communication with the network and data links to peripheral equipment and there is also a connection to a local Profibus DP network.

PJ 42

PJ 42

PJ 42 - offers the cost-effective possibility of automating processes which are less extensive or of automating self-contained partial processes clearly and with increased availability by means of substation technology. The unit consists of a single-board microcomputer and is equipped with an extremely reliable modular process interface (high MTB rate). The PJ 42 is also available as a redundant system.

PJ 43

PJ 43 - offers very cost-effective solutions for repetitive, user-oriented tasks with a minimum space requirement and minimal cabling costs. The PJ 43 is supplied in an IP54 housing, which can be directly mounted in or on the machine. 2 ports are available for communication with an operating station and for data transmission.

PJ 44

PJ 44

The PJ 44 microcomputer control can process up to 144 binary inputs and 144 binary outputs. It is equipped with a PJ 40-compatible operating system. Two serial interfaces are available for data transmission. This unit is mainly used in the winder control system.

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