VITROMOD Thermical Tempering Lines for Flatglass

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General Information

Vitromod Anlage  

Erdmann Enterprises carries out the planning, erection and commissioning of complete horizontal tempering plants for the production of thermally tempered flat safety glass (2.85 - 25 mm glass thickness) and heat strengthened glass (2.85 - 12 mm glass thickness).

The tempering plants from EED stand out due to the consistently high quality of the end product. Extremely short changeover times for different glass thicknesses, formats and products also facilitate the cost-effective production of small batches.


Application Fields

Vitromod Anwendungsgebiete  

VITROMOD plants are especially suitable for tempering:

  • Profile glasses
  • Flat glasses
  • Structure glasses


  • Transparent glasses
  • Coloured glasses
  • Printed glasses
  • Coated ( e.g. Low-E ) glasses

Final products

Tempered safety glass and heat strengthened glass for:

  • architectural glass
  • vehicles and ships
  • furniture
  • scanners, lamps, displays, terminals etc.
  • special applications





The tempering process creates tension in the glass. This is achieved by a faster cooling the surface of the glass compared with the core of the glass.

This causes compressive stresses, which are built up in the areas close to the glass surface and tensile stresses inside the glass.

Compressive and tensile stresses are negated reciprocally, which means, that flatness and stability of the glass and a fracture pattern corresponding to the standard are guaranteed in case of being destroyed.




VITROMOD plants fulfill the European Standard EN 12150 just as easily as they meet the European Standard EN 1863. 



Design and manufacturing of lines with customized dimensions belong also to EED's range of services.

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Plants, equipment and devices of heat treatment processes
for the refinement of Flat Glass, Synthetic Fibres, Tapes, Foils and Plates.


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