DMW 12/200 Draw Winding Machines

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DMT 12/200 Streckmaschine

General Information

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Tenacity, elongation and the tensile and shrinkage performance of the filaments are crucial quality criteria when producing high quality yarns for the manufacture of technical textiles.

Increasing customer demands in terms of usage properties and service life require the precise adjustment of yarn properties.

Optimum adjustment is achieved by means of precise heat treatment combined with selective drawing and/or shrinking.

EED offers state-of-the-art drawing machines which have been specially developed for the follow-up treatment of technical continuous yarns (with high tenacity and low shrinkage).


 Application Fields

  PES, PA, PP and other suitable materials. Titer range 20 dtex-1000 dtex for superior final products.



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The cross-winding system enables to wind cylindrical cross-wound bobbins with smooth or conical heads.

All standard winding types can be freely selected.



Large godet diameters and working widths combined with the EED-Thermecon® measuring and control system create precise heating treatment.

Treatment temperature is maintained within less than ± 2°C. The speed of up to 1,400 m/min is maintained with tolerance of less than 0.01%.

In the case of the thread path, deflections and frictional thread guides are reduced to the absolute minimum.


Spulerwechsler   Depending on process requirements, the winding module can be fitted with one-thread, two-thread or automatic lane feed.

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