Controlling of Processes

Process Control Systems

The process control system OPERATOR carries out the central operation and monitoring of production processes. Formula management, recording of production protocols, adjustment and analysis of processes and their graphic representation are the OPERATOR's tasks.


Automation Systems

Measuring, controlling and regulating are the tasks undertaken by the PJ40, PJ42, PJ43 and PJ44 automation systems. Input and output modules are available for all relevant sensors and actuators used in connection with these systems. In particular, the requirements of the Chemical-, Synthetic fibres- , Glass finishing and Food industry were taken into account during development. The stability and resilience of these systems, when subjected to long-term use under the most extreme conditions, are now legendary. Constant system maintenance and service over 3 decades confirm this.


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Plants, equipment and devices of heat treatment processes
for the refinement of Flat Glass, Synthetic Fibres, Tapes, Foils and Plates.


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