The Erdmann Enterprises Deutschland GmbH develops processes and provides the basic engineering for customer related solutions.

Based on this knowledge EED manufactures customized thermotechnical systems for process engineering processes and components.

VITROMOD Thermical Tempering Lines for Flatglass

Erdmann Enterprises carries out the planning, erection and commissioning of complete horizontal tempering plants for the production of thermally tempered flat safety glass (2.85 mm - 25 mm glass thickness) and heat strengthened glass (2.85 mm - 12 mm glass thickness). The tempering plants from EED stand out due to the consistently high quality of the end product. Extremely short changeover times for different glass thicknesses, formats and products also facilitate the cost-effective production of small batches.


DMT 24/200 Draw Twisting Machines

Draw Twisting Machines for the refining of PES, PA, PP and other suitable materials. Titer range from 20 dtex - 1000 dtex for superior final products.


DMW 12/200 Draw Winding Machines

Draw Winding Machines for the refining of PES, PA, PP and other suitable materials. Titerrange from 20 dtex to  1000 dtex for superior final products.


Drawing Stands / Drawing Lines

Drawing Stands for Multi- and Monofilaments. Temperatures up to 260 °C / 500 °F. Yarn Speeds up to 4.000 m/min. Drawing Lines for the finishing of Foils, Tapes and Fibers using heated or cooled rollers. Temperatures up to 400 °C / 750 °F. Working widths up to 400 mm.


Tunnels for Heating and Drawing

For heating of drawing, shrinkage or fixation processes. Temperatures from 80 °C / 180 °F up to 2.000 °C / 3.600 °F. With inert gas atmosphere, if needed


Hot Rolls and Draw Stands

For the finishing of foils, tapes and fibers. Working widths from 60 mm to 400 mm. Diameters from 80 mm to 400 mm. Temperatures from 80 °C /  up to 260 °C.


Draw Stands for Plates / Hot Plates

For heating in drawing, shrinkage or fixation processes. Temperatures from 60 °C / 100 °F to 300 °C / 570 °F. With maximum deviation of 1 ° C over the entire surface. Heating power up to 20 kW/m². With adjustable curvature of the hot plate.


Godets and Roll Assemblies

All versions of Godets are available from EED as standard equipment in mono-, duo- or trio configurations with working widths between 80 mm and 360 mm. The induction heating system is executed as single or multizone heaters. Roll Assemblies with flanges, ready to use. Working widths from 60 mm to 400 mm. Diameters from 80 mm to 400 mm. Up to 4 heating zones or vapour encapsulated. Heating power up to 20 kW. Drive power up to 15 kW.


Inductive Heaters

Inductive Heaters for warming up of suitable godets



Single and double-end programmable friction winders for speeds up to 1600 m/min are an integral part of the EED standard delivery program. The devices are all freely programmable friction winders. Either random, step-precision or precision winding can be freely selected as well as conical or smooth front faces. The winders are designed for titer ranges up to 4000 dtex.


Hoisting Devices

EED manufactures Hoisting Devices as follows : Godetsin several variants, i.e. as Duos oder Septetts Rollersi.e. Thermical Tempering Lines or Roller Cooling Zones as oscillation lines or for continous production.


Process Control Systems

The process control system OPERATOR carries out the central operation and monitoring of production processes. Formula management, recording of production protocols, adjustment and analysis of processes and their graphic representation are the OPERATOR's tasks.


Automation Systems

Measuring, controlling and regulating are the tasks undertaken by the PJ40, PJ42, PJ43 and PJ44 automation systems. Input and output modules are available for all relevant sensors and actuators used in connection with these systems. In particular, the requirements of the Chemical-, Synthetic fibres- , Glass finishing and Food industry were taken into account during development. The stability and resilience of these systems, when subjected to long-term use under the most extreme conditions, are now legendary. Constant system maintenance and service over 3 decades confirm this.


Patented Technologies of EED

SYSTEM ERDMANN : Accurate measurement of the surface temperatures of the rolls. Measurement in the rotating part of the roll assembly. Automatic sensor defect recognition. Maintenance-free. THERMECON plus : Temperature measurement without sensors. Maintenance-free. Higher tolerance regarding electrical wear phenomena


Erdmann Enterprises Deutschland GmbH
Rehhecke 89, D-40885 Ratingen-Lintorf, Germany
Fon: +49-(0)-2102-10059-0
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Plants, equipment and devices of heat treatment processes
for the refinement of Flat Glass, Synthetic Fibres, Tapes, Foils and Plates.


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