DMT 24/200 Draw Twisting Machines

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DMT 24/200 Zwirnmaschine 

General Information


In line with the draw module, the twisting component has also a modular design.

The 24-position (12 per each side) ring rail is fitted on both sides with a 12-position drawing module with threads. The large twisting ring diameters (160 m) allow net winding weights of the cop tubes of up to 4 kg.

The geometry of the cops and the winding type are freely parameterisable.

The twisting module meets the highest standards in terms of productivity, flexibility and winding construction.

Application Fields

PES, PA, PP and other suitable materials.
Titer range from 20 dtex-1000 dtex for superior final products.



The lightweight design of the movable components allows extreme acceleration and deceleration in connection with the electrical drive.
By means of these advantages the best conditions are guaranteed for the critical thread guiding, near the reversal points.
Twisting spindles powered by single motors with high availability allow maximum speeds with low noise level and minimal vibration tendency.
Problems with the conventional ring rail, such as the inevitable loss of hydraulic oil and air in the hydraulic oil, are prevented due to the concept of the "dry" ring rail.
The overall concept meets the current requirements for minimal maintenance.

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